Saturday, December 29, 2012

Minister Davies to explain his non support of local business

Imogen Vollenhoven
29December 2012

 Trade and industry Minister Robert Davies should explain why he does not appear to support local business interests and the protection of local jobs.

Instead of fighting the Brazilians for dumping chicken locally and in the highly competitive market, Davis chose the soft and blunt option of hiding general tariffs without providing compelling factual reasons for his actions.

DA shadow minister for trade and industry Dr Wilmot James said that the DA believes that what ought to be done in the case of imported chicken from Brazil is that the Minister should heed the advice of the local producers and apply anti dumping penalties rather than introduce a general tariff against all imported goods.

James adds that the only time that a general tariff works is when everybody must play by the rules and in the cases of European Union there is already an agreement, to not pay tariffs.

James said the DA believes that the Minister should stand up in the interest of local business because all they want is fair trade and a fair price.



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