Thursday, January 31, 2013

City pilot distribution of lamps, generators harnessing sun’s energy

Athenkosi Mvane
31 January 2013

The City of Cape Town is piloting the distribution of new lamps and power generators which harness the sun’s rays.

The City said solar powered lights may soon replace dangerous fuel powered lamps.

The focus of the project is to reduce the need for flammable lighting and heating sources, which will reduce the number of fires due to candles and gas lamps.

Western Cape Chairperson of Energy and Climate Change Potfolio Committee Xanthea Limberg said energy strategy is a great example of how technology can positively impact people’s lives.
Limberg also said that innovation can become the true equaliser in terms of poverty.

“Lighting up a home in a township could mean that a student can study at night or a mother can cook for her family; so it truly allows communities to access opportunities at no additional costs” Limberg said.

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