Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MEC Frits: 80 year old women not locked up against her will

Imogen Vollenhoven
30 January 2013

Social workers have visited the 80-year-old Parkwood woman neighbours claim is being kept in her council flat against her will. On Monday, residents of Gerda Court in Parkwood told members of the media that Maureen Johnson, whose mental state is said to be confused, was allegedly being kept locked up by a couple.

The couple were also alleged to be fraudulently collecting Johnson’s monthly pension.

However Social Development MEC Albert Fritz confirms this is not true.

 Frits said that the Departments social workers went to investigate the whole matter and what they found was that the lady who has the card is the legitimate proxy and has been given permission by Johnson to go and collect her pension.

Frits adds that Johnson is unable and incapable to collect her own pension.

Frits also said that there were article going around saying that there were locks on the door and a big padlock, Frits said this is untrue and there is no such thing, social workers did a thorough search and Frits said he will personally be following up on it on Thursday morning.

Frits said the person is the legitimate proxy of the house.

However the Department has seen it fit to arrange for Ms Johnson to get home care  based nursing, Frits said.



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