Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Parents in Khayelitsha opt to register children at illegal school

Imogen Vollenhoven
30 January 2013

Although the Western Cape Education Department has reported that there are places in some schools in Khayelitsha, some children have been attending an unregistered school because parents say they couldn’t find a place for them.

Education executives visited the school premises and discovered them inadequate for learning, and there were no resources.

WCED Ministerial spokesperson Bronagh Casey explains further that what the parents have done, they have ignored the Department’s offers complacently and have instead opted to place their children at an unregistered and illegal school that has no real resources or equipment.

Casey said that on Tuesday officials from the WCED visited the site of the illegal school to issue a notice that indicated to parents that the school was not registered, and that the WCED has arranged to accommodate their children at a legally recognised school.

Casey adds that the Department also gave further details and telephone numbers that the parents can contact.



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