Monday, January 28, 2013

South African Municipal Workers Union outraged at governments use of consultants

Imogen Vollenhoven
28 January 2013

The South African Municipal Workers Union said it is outraged at the extent to which Government utilises consultants and squanders Billions of Rands.

SAMWU’s Spokesperson Tahir Sema said nothing is ever done about this.

Sema adds that In the Local Government sector, which as SAMWU they know intimately, they have decried the chronic dependency on consultants for nearly two decades.  

Sema said from SAMWU’s own experience we are very conscious of the fact that not all consultants are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but sadly many behave as if they are.

Furthermore Sema said the problem of referring challenges to consultants is that it tends to reinforce a poor planning culture within departments, and leads to consultants being brought in to fire-fight.

Sema adds that in addition, using consultants so pervasively, and the example given of the Defence Ministry hiring consultants to manage other consultants is a classic case in point, is that it releases senior Government officials from the responsibility of developing capacity within their own departments.



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