Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UDMYV challenges institutions to address youth issues

Athenkosi Mvane
30 January 2013

The United Democratic Youth Vanguard said South Africa’s youth has not been taught the necessary decision-making skills regarding their own lives.

Teddy Thwala the UDMYV said they believe that more has to be done to help the youth cope with drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, lack of education opportunities, joblessness, HIV/Aids and crime.

Thwala said there is high rise and increase of young people who abuse drugs.

“We are calling on institutions like National Youth Development Agency to come up with a clear programme to address this social ill” Thwala said.

Thwala said that there is a new drug called nyaope that is eroding South Africa creating problems in families and society.

“Instead of using R820 000 for budgeting for activities for launches and marketing, why don’t you (NYDA) use it to address socials ills?” he asked.



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