Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Health Directorate wants to raise awareness about importance of TB testing

Chumani Simelela
15 March 2016

In a statement, the City of Cape Town says, TB remains an epidemic in many parts of the world, resulting in 1, 5 million deaths every year, mostly in developing countries. In the run-up to World TB Day on 24 March 2016, the City’s Health Directorate wants to raise awareness about the importance of regular TB tests as a means of reducing the public health burden. City’s Councillor Siyabulela Mamkeli explains.

“We need people to start thinking TB first and get tested, only to eliminate it as a possibility”. 

“Let’s rather be safe than sorry, because the longer TB goes undiagnosed, the more those around you are exposed and at risk of developing disease”.

“Ideally we need a vaccine to prevent those breathing in the gems from developing TB, but currently no such vaccine exists. So currently we have to work with what we have, which is education, awareness and regular TB tests”.

He concludes by saying…“Members of the public also need to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of TB, which include cough, night sweats and weight loss”.



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