Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Suspects in a terror attack in Brussels airport identified

Nontando Mafanya
23 March 2016

The suspects in a terror attack on Brussels Airport and a metro station have been identified.

Two explosions at the airport and one at Maalbeek station yesterday left 34 dead and nearly 200 injured.

Police have identified Khalid and Ibrahim al-Bakraoui as the two airport suicide bombers. 

An international manhunt is currently underway for a third suspect…

 Media Liaison of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, South African Embassy  Nelson Kgwete says  The South African impact in Brussels is monitoring in Rocklands and will report to Pretoria as and well information comes available regard the well being of South African City in Belgia.”

“At the moment we have not received any report of South African victims that might be the impact is as been monitory development need to get new information we will be aware of that.” He added



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