Metrorail responds to customer concerns

By Khanyisa Tabata
19 July 2011

Metrorail regional Manager Lindelo Matya says the company is not resting but working towards addressing commuters’ complaints voiced over the past few weeks.

Briefing journalist today Matya said that Metrorail is working together with the South African Police Services to try and combat issues relating to vandalism and damage to property.

He says the cause of delays and cancellations is vandalism and age related failures since some trains are old.

“Our analysis of customer concerns shows that while most train users understood the reason for the delays and cancellations, they were not informed on time or give alternative options.

“That is why we have decided to assist commuters by having station staff with loudhailers deployed at platforms during peak hours,” said Matya.

He also added that Metrorail will be starting a community programme that will raise awareness about the impacts of vandalism and the programme will start in Khayelitsha since everyday delays and cancellations are reported in that area.

“R60 million would is needed to fence railway tracks but some areas would require more money because people tend to take the fence for themselves.

“The province has indicated that they are willing to come on board and help us but what we still need to do is a plan for them explaining how the money will be used,” said Matya.


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