Friday, March 06, 2020

WCED exceeds their expectations regarding school admissions

The Western Cape Education Department said that despite a challenging start to the online admissions process, it has already exceeded the expected number of applications captured and submitted on the online system in comparison to the same time in the admissions process in 2019.
Applications for learner enrolment for 2021 in the Western Cape opened on 17 February and closes on 17 March 2020.
The department says that on the first day, 33 518 applications were submitted and at close of business on the 25th of February, 154 449 applications have been successfully captured by parents on the system.
The WCED said it received several complaints from the public, relating to irregular and unlawful admissions practices which were brought to the attention of school principals and governing body chairpersons for resolution where applicable.
The education department says that schools were reminded that although the WCED was actively encouraging parents to apply online, there are still parents who may be unable to access the internet and who are not able to manage the online process. Schools need to cater for such parents and accept hard copy applications. Alternatively, schools are asked to support such parents by availing their computer centres to guide and assist parents to apply.

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