Blood donors needed for type 0 as SANBS runs out of stock

The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is calling on Group O and other donors to donate blood, this call comes amid declining blood stocks.

According to the SANBS, students comprise a large proportion of the national blood donor base. However, blood stocks have been negatively affected due to the examination period.

SANBS's Siemi Raj said blood drives at university campuses and schools yielded about 40% of the blood collected annually and, while systems were in place to minimise the effects of shortages experienced during exams, blood collections had been low in the past few months. In addition, there had been more pressure added on supply because the use of blood products in hospitals had increased over the last month.

The SANBS indicated that it planned various blood drives across the country, with extended hours and over the weekend, to improve the supply of blood during this period. However, the demand can only be met with the help of regular and committed blood donors


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