Operations to rebuild Central Line halted after alleged gangsters threatened and intimidated workers

Operations to rebuild the Central Line has been halted after alleged gangsters threatened and intimidated workers, on Monday

Sub Council Chairperson, Angus Mckenzie, said the workers were met by, what he claims, extorting gangsters who violently insisted that workers from the area stop work and vacate the train line.

McKenzie blamed the lack of security or inability of security on the Central Line

He met with PRASA and SAPS officials on Tuesday morning, saying that a detailed security plan will be put in place

‘’Today [Tuesday] to ensure the safety of staff and the surrounding communities a decision was taken to halt operations. This step was taken not to appease gangsters and extortionist but to make sure that those staff members are safe.’’

‘’Over the next few hours a detailed updated security plan will be put in place, this plan will then be agreed upon by all including SAPS and work will restart later this week.’’

McKenzie emphasised that the operations have only stopped temporarily.

‘’We will not be held ransom by gangsters, neither will we allow gangsters to assume control of our projects and communities. This is not how we will operate and this is most certainly not what will accepted.’’

‘’The Central Line will be rebuilt, unemployed will be employed and opportunities will become accessible and nothing and no one will stop this!’’ he added.


Done by: Mitchum George


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