SASSA in Khayelitsha resumes services

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in Khayelitsha have resumed services after being closed for nearly a month.

There was a temporary service interruption as the agency had to seek alternate premises in the area. SASSA does not own any sites in Khayelitsha. Accommodation space is shared with the Provincial Department of Social Development.

‘’During the second phase of quarter of 2021, SASSA was informed of maintenance to the shared site, however time lines were never confirmed. SASSA then began the process of seeking alternate sites in Khayelitsha by engaging the City of Cape Town,’’ said Shivani Wahab, Senior Manager: Communications.        

Wahab said SASSA had many sites that were identified as non-compliant in respect of Occupational Health & Safety. The City of Cape Town then assisted SASSA to secure a site at the Khulani Resource Centre.

‘’During the service interruption in Khayelitsha, a contingency plan was implemented to ensure business continuity. Staff from the Khayelitsha Office were redeployed to other sites in the Metro. A priority queue specifically for all clients from Khayelitsha was also established at these sites.’’

The agency says additional service sites are on the cards to assist in dealing with a possible backlog.

‘’SASSA services at the Khulani Resource Centre are fully operational from 03 August 2022. SASSA is in the process of securing additional sites in Khayelitsha, to extend services to the community. Details for these additional sites will be made available in due course.’’

‘’SASSA apologises to clients for any inconvenience. We remain committed to fulfil our constitutional mandate , to serve the most vulnerable, in a secure environment,’’ added Wahab.



Done By: Mitchum George


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