Results of May/June 2022 NSC and Senior Certificate released

The results of the May/June 2022 National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) were released on Wednesday. 

12 755 candidates wrote the NSC examinations in the Western Cape, while a further 4 538 candidates wrote the SC examinations in the Province.

Western Cape’s Education MEC David Maynier, congratulated candidates on the release of the results

“We warmly congratulate all candidates who passed the May/June NSC and SC! And for those who were aiming to improve their results, but did not achieve their goal this time, please do not give up – there is another opportunity to try later this year, for the NSC, and next year for the SC, and we encourage you to take that up.”

Students who are unhappy about their marks are encouraged to apply for a re-mark, a recheck or a viewing of their scripts. The closing date for applications for re-marking, rechecking and viewing of scripts is Wednesday, 17 August 2022.

‘’The WCED ensures that quality markers are appointed and trained extensively, and that rigorous moderation and checking is conducted by marking management teams and external bodies,’’ said MEC Maynier.


The fees for the above are as follows:

• Re-mark – R110 per subject

• Recheck – R27 per subject

• Viewing of scripts – R212 per subject


A refund will be given if the candidate is, as a result of the re-marking process, awarded marks that improves their result by at least one level or if a candidate passes the subject, which he/she initially failed. 

 Maynier encouraged students who did not succeed in improving their NSC results to not give up

‘’For those candidates– there is another opportunity later this year to do so. Candidates who wish to apply for the 2022 NSC examinations need to do so by Tuesday, 16 August 2022. Only NSC candidates who entered and/or wrote the May/June 2022 examinations qualify to register for the November 2022 NSC examinations. Registration forms have been issued to schools.’’

Candidates can collect their official Statement of Results from their writing centres today. They can also search for their individual results on the WCED website:

To gain access, candidates must use their surname and identity number. Candidates can also call the examination helpline on 0861 819 919 for assistance with result-related queries. 


Done By: Mitchum George


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