Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MEC Plato welcomed the arrest of a police officer in Gauteng

Jaimie-faith Poonah
24 March 2015

Western Cape MEC of Community Safety Dan Plato has welcomed the arrest of a police officer in Gauteng who has been implicated in the illegal selling of firearms to gangster in the province.

MEC Plato said this is a huge blow against gangster killers destroying our communities and hopes that Commissioner Arno Lamoer will continue his zero tolerance regarding police corruption and criminality.

MEC Plato said he continuously ask police intelligence to be on top of this situation, to unravel this situation because we cannot continue standing-by watching how our sons lose their lives, even as young as ten to fourteen years old losing their lives because of the numbers game.

MEC Plato said this breakthrough will help a lot in getting to the bottom of the situation.

MEC Plato said he does not believe this was an act on its own, he believes more people are involved.

Meanwhile MEC Plato has also raised his concern regarding the police’s firearm database as the police only discovered the missing firearms too late.

Some of the weapons police confiscated during the arrest had their serial numbers erased and after tests revealed that the weapons had been in the, Gauteng Firearms and Liquor Control Unit.

MEC Plato said this breakthrough also gives rise to other questions, which leads to the police database with regard to their guns at their police stations.

MEC Plato said this is to him a shambles, because they only now detected that so many guns ended up in the wrong hands after they have been stressing this for so many years.





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