Malema guilty of hate speech

By Khanyisa Tabata
12 September 2011

The Equality Court has found that the singing of the Dubhula ibhunu or Shoot the Boer song constitutes hate speech.

Judge Collin Lamont has found Julius Malema guilty of hate speech when he delivered his judgement in the South Gauteng High Court.

He also ordered the ANC Youth League leader to pay part of the costs of AfriForum, who brought the case against him. Lamont ordered that Malema and other people to stop singing the song.

In his justification, Lamont said words were powerful weapons.

He added that all genocides started with simple exultations. The judge stressed that freedom of expression did not trump human dignity in South African law.

Malema was not in court, even though his ANC disciplinary hearing had been postponed to allow him to attend proceedings.


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