Load shedding expected for the weekend.

Power utility, Eskom, implemented load shedding on Thursday after the system was severely constrained.
It released a statement on twitter where it said: "Eskom would like to inform South Africans and all its customers that the electricity system is severely constrained. In the power alert issued earlier this morning Eskom informed that unplanned breakdowns were at 12 300MW, and that there was a probability of load shedding at short notice if unexpected shifts, such as additional unplanned breakdowns, were experienced.
Furthermore, it warned South Africans that Stage 2 rotational load shedding would be implemented from 4 p.m until 11 p.m ‘’in order to protect the power system from a total collapse.’’
It then said that because of unplanned breakdowns, it would continue load shedding until 5 a.m on Friday.
Meanwhile, Eskom’s technical team were unable to return units from planned or unplanned maintenance, and has thus implemented Stage 2 load shedding from 9 a.m on Friday, and is set to continue until 6 a.m on Saturday.

Done By: Mitchum George


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