Friday, May 31, 2013

NICRO proposes awaiting trial offenders to be released and be monitored electronically

Athenkosi Mvane
31 May 2013

The National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders has proposed prisoners awaiting trial could be safely released and monitored by the use of electronic tags. 

Nicro’s Jacques Sibomana said the tags would enable social workers to track the offenders and also make sure that they are in a safe environment and that they are not using alcohol. 

It has been estimated that it would cost about R4 000 to electronically tag monitor the suspect. 

Sibomana explains the system includes a tracking device, a cellphone and a breathalyzer.

A NICRO social worker can check anytime can call the offender not only to inform them about their case proceedings, but to check and monitor if they are taking any alcohol or need further assistance whilst still awaiting their sentencing in their community.

“What it does is also answer a big challenge that our government is facing at the momentwhich is overcrowding in prisons.

“And giving an opportunity to those who are waiting trials, and should not be in prison, an opportunity to be at home and continue with their daily work” Sibomana added.



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