Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SACP: there is a dire need for monitoring of scholar transport

Imogen Vollenhoven
29 May 2013

The South African Communist Party in the Eastern Cape said the quality of scholar transport in the province needs to be relooked.

This is after a scholar transport hired by the Department of Transport was involved in an accident which left five children dead and several injured. 

The cause of the accident is brake failure.

SACP Provincial Spokesperson Siyabonga Mdodi explained that there is a need for monitoring and accountability of the scholar transport to be the primary responsibility of the government and not to be outsourced to selfish tender premiers.

“Because if this function of monitoring accountability continues to be outsourced, then the corruption network that exists between some corrupt government officials and some tender premiers will not be isolated and it won’t be defeated,” added Mdodi.

He adds that at the end those who are going to suffer are children and the families.



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