Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cabinet Minister keeps fraud forensic findings a secret

Mbasa Gqokoma

01 March 2015

A forensic audit has found Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant’s special advisor, Herbert Mkhize, fleeced the government-funded National Economic Development and Labour Council by more than one million.

According to reports , Mkhize used his Nedlac credit card to run up the exorbitant bills for travel, car hire, and household goods at Makro that included nappies, power tools, pet food and boxer shorts, among other things.

At the time of the spending, Mkhize was earning R800 000 a year a executive director of Nedlac.

 Oliphant kept the findings of the forensic audit a secret after everyone who saw the final report, compiled by chartered accountants AFCA & Partners and submitted to Oliphant in November 2012, was made to sign confidentiality agreements.

 DA Shadow Minister of Labour Ian Ollis says the Democratic Alliance calls on Minister of Labour to suspend her advisor Mkhize with immediate effect.

 Ollis said Mkhize is implicated together with the former CFO of Nedlac on a scandal involving the use of taxpayer’s money to buy private items.

Ollis adds that these two have wasted money approximately close to two million rand Ollis added.



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