Zuma to honour Griqua Chief Adam Kok

By Khanyisa Tabata
05 August 2011

President Zuma will deliver a keynote address to 3-thousand Khoisan in Cape Town this weekend to commemorate the life of the first recognised Griqua Chief, Adam Kok, 300 years after his birth.

Kok became a slave and was then imprisoned at the Cape Castle of Good Hope.

A wreath laying ceremony will take place at the Castle. Head commissioner of the Griqua council, Aaron Messelaar, says the recognition of Adam Kok is very significant.


Ras Bergwater said…
The Government did not today provide an adequate explanation for why they followed one approach in terms of the Khoikhoi and Bushman, and another in terms of the black traditional leaders. Neither did they give an indication in terms of other related matters that forms a necessary part of that which they only announced today.
Whilst they mentioned that they will only now proceed to ratify ILO169, no mention is made of the year in which the ILO adopted that resolution. The President also failed very clearly to make any mention of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which the Government voted in favour of on Friday, 13 September 2007. To follow the President's mindset, will that only happen when Jesus returns?
At the moment the Government is respecting none of the obligations of the 2007 Declarations. Thus we are referred to as "Khoi-San" which is not the name of the Khoikhoi people, neither of the Bushman people. Black people don't want to be referred to by the apartheid era "K" word or the white people by the "B" word, but they continue to see nothing wrong in using the false "K-S" word in terms of the Khoikhoi and Bushman peoples.
Today everybody with the President was called for reasons of political expediency "Khoi-San". Come October 2011 and the National Census, then all the so-called "Khoi-San" will be faced by the real deal - we the black political majority, decree that you will be "Cape Coloured" for as long as we say so. No mention of this change to race classification legislation was even mooted by the President.
Nor do the Government seem to be willing to rid themselves of the false academic histories of the Khoikhoi that was the norm of white colonialist domination. We have various tribes, mr President, and not "five groupings" and we do have a real royal family, which is not the one that your Government wants to promote as your political puppets. And we have a kingdom similar to the Zulu Kingdom, called the Khoi and Bushman Kingdom, of which His Royal Highness, Crown Prince David Johannes, of the Cochoqua tribe, will be inaugurated as the Khoi and Bushman King toward the end of the year.

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