CPUT Students’ protest over connectivity glitches

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) students from the New Market Junction (student housing centre) protested on Friday for connectivity glitches.

South Point released a statement on Monday condemning the protest behaviour by CPUT students at the New Market Junction, which has negatively impacted on the safe and peaceful living of the residents around Woodstock district.  

“SouthPoint’s IT team was on site at NewMarket Junction on Wednesday, 21 October, to assist students with connectivity issues after rebooting the system’s update authentication. Protests began on that day with students demanding free uncapped Wi-Fi, ultimately resulting in the building’s close-down by Friday, 23 October with SouthPoint staff (including its IT team) and security being removed from the premises” statement said.

Students were burning tyres and throwing litter in the middle of the road because they want their frustrations to be attended to.

Unfortunately the Bush Radio News team were not permitted to speak to the protesters.

In the statement it is said that the issues stayed unresolved with the parties planned to have a subsequent meeting later on Monday.


Done by: Chwayita Hlangwana



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