Police arrest suspect as bodies are discovered in Wolseley, Breede River Valley

A 33-year-old suspect has been arrested by police in Wolseley, Breede River Valley, after he was seen on Saturday evening dragging something that turned out to be the body of a local 20-year-old woman in the Pine Valley informal settlement.

In a statement, the South African Police Services said community members alerted the police to suspicious activity in the Pine Valley area after 11p.m. Upon arrival the police made the gruesome discovery. The suspect, who also resides in the area was subsequently arrested.

Police were called out to the area again yesterday, where a shallow grave was discovered in an open field by a passer-by. With the assistance of the forensic pathology services, a yet-to-be identified woman’s body was dug up from the shallow grave. A further search of the area by police led to the discovery of another grave not far from the first one. A second body whose identity, age and gender have not been determined yet, was discovered.

''Crime scene experts from the police including the K-9 unit, detectives and finger print experts were on the scene until late afternoon. How the deceased persons died is part of a police investigation and autopsies will also be conducted soon.''


Done By: Mitchum George


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