Three Men Died At the Lockdown Village, Delft South

 Three men were shot dead in Delft on Tuesday 27-10-2020.

Police statement explains, “Reports indicate that police were called out to the informal settlement at 05:00 on Tuesday morning where they found in one of the shacks three men aged 19, 21 and 23 dead with multiple gunshot wounds to their upper bodies.”

In the police statement, it reports that the shooting stems from a fight over alcohol that occurred on Monday evening.

“Information gathered on the scene indicated a fight over alcohol had occurred inside the shack on Monday evening which led to two men leaving the shack. In the early hours of the morning shots were heard from the shack and suspects were spotted fleeing on foot”, Brigadier Novela Potelwa said.

The police have arrested two suspects aged 25 and 29 and they will appearing in Bellville Magistrates court on Thursday 29-10-2020.


Done by: Chwayita Hlangwana