4 arrested for cable theft in Goodwood

Four suspects were arrested in Goodwood on Thursday for being in possession of stolen cables

According to the Acting Spokesperson for Metrorail in the Western Cape, Nana Zenani, PRASA Security Personnel noticed a suspect pulling electrical cables next to an informal settlement, near Monte Vista

The staff drove along the N1 from Belville to Cape Town opposite Monte Vista.

COURTESY: Metrorail

‘’The Security team stopped on the side of the road and approached the suspect. The suspect proceeded to dump the cable in attempt to get rid of the evidence and ran away crossing over N1 freeway. The Security team proceeded to investigate the scene of the crime and found an additional four more suspects in the act of illegally digging and pulling Metrorail cables from the ground.’’

COURTESY: Metrorail

Zenani added that one of the suspects jumped the wall and fled while the other three suspects were caught, with 5 meters of cable and digging tools.

‘’While the security team was awaiting back-up from the team deployed at Monte Vista, they received word that the Goodwood Neighborhood Watch and Byers Security (a private company) had apprehended the one suspect who had previously escaped. PRASA Security found the members of the Goodwood Neighbourhood watch already at the police station with the suspect unharmed. Four suspects were taken to the Goodwood Police Station,’’ Zenani added.

COURTESY: Metrorail

The four suspects detained at Goodwood Police Station were charged for tampering, damaging, as well as the destruction of essential infrastructure.

COURTESY: Metrorail

Regional Manager, Richard Walker, condemned the incident.

“Metrorail manages passenger rail on behalf of the people of the Western Cape. They pay for and own the service through their hard-earned taxes and therefore we must as Metrorail deliver a quality service. Our efforts however are being destroyed daily by the senseless attack not only on our Rail Operations electrical lines and infrastructure, but all users of high voltage electricity such as Transnet and the City of Cape Town.’’

Walker commended those who were involved in apprehending the suspects

“Although the joint arrests and apprehensions were not planned, it worked perfectly. The criminals learnt a big lesson that PRASA Security, Railway Police, Private Security and most especially, our Neighbourhood Watch groups and communities will not allow the senseless destruction and criminality against rail infrastructure. That the rule of law and order will prevail.’’


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