DA: safely home campaign has resulted in fewer deaths

Imogen Vollenhoven
21 February 2013

The Democratic Alliance was on Wednesday said progress has been made through the Safely Home Campaign. 

The Standing Committee on Finance, Economic Development and Tourism was briefed at the Provincial Legislature on the progress of the campaign.

 DA’s Transport and Public Works Spokesperson and MP Eugene von Brandis said the campaign has led to a 28 percent reduction in road deaths in just fewer than three years. 

 Eugene von Brandis said that it was very interesting the fact that the average speed over distance project which the department implemented in Beaufort West as well as the N1 at the three sisters on Beaufort West.

Von Brandis adds that the use of this technology enables real time connection to various data source.

Von Brandis said that it is a comprehensive system that is implemented there, and is very important that the approach must be holistic.