Ficksburg community demands denial of bail in Tatane case

By Lelethu Mquqo
26 April 2011

The court appearance of eight police members arrested after the death of Free State resident Andries Tatane was delayed in Ficksburg this morning.

The suspects will apply for bail, something protesting residents of the Meqheleng Township are opposed to.

The crowd of demonstrators showed their support for Tatane’s family and continued to denounce a lack of service delivery.

Tatane was beaten and shot during a service delivery protest almost two weeks ago.

The case was delayed because the police order police members had to be brought in from the Bethlehem cells.

In Johannesburg, police say they have managed to move protestors from the busy Beyers Naudé Drive in Honeydew.

Residents of the Zandspruit informal settlement burned tyres and blocked roads early this morning.

They have now moved into the township, where clashes have erupted.

Police members, who were pelted with rocks responded by firing rubber bullets at the people who are demanding better service delivery.


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