The African Group says the Kyoto Protocol is important #COP17

African Group Spokesperson Seyni Nafo

Xolelwa Mvumvu
30 November 2011

The Africa Group says three critical points need to be addressed urgently at COP17/CMP7. The three critical points are Adaptation, Finance Gap and Legal Architecture.

Addressing the media African Group spokesperson Seyni Nafo from Mali delegation said that a month ago the African ministers met and had key messages on all the of the three elements. He said the key points serve the basis of engagement for the entire African negotiator.

Nafo added short term finance has had its challenges in terms of transparency. He said they will make sure the short comings will have to be addressed and that the urgent and immediate need in Africa would have to be met.

Nafo concluded that Africa would like to see the Kyoto protocol entering a second commitment period. #COP17


Riyaaz Ismail said…
Is your correspondents Wesley Wessels and Tashneem Abrahams covering the civil society initiative as well?

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