Greenpeace says renewable energy can work #COP17

Having an interview with Ferrial Adam from Greenpeace

Lusanda Bill
30 November 2011

Greenpeace South Africa is one of the many organisations that are at COP17/CMP7. The central message from organisations including Greenpeace is for governments to listen to the people and not the polluters.

Ferrial Adam who is the Climate and Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace says they hope that the talks at COP17/CMP7 will see clear and progressive action to tackle climate change.

The Kyoto Protocol has recently been labelled as the thorn of the conference. Adam says the Kyoto Protocol is important and hopes government will commit to a second commitment period.

Greenpeace has placed the first ever solar powered tent at the beachfront in Durban. Greenpeace’s Ferrial Adam added that the tent shows that Greenpeace is walking the walk and also showing that renewable energy can work.

(Interview with Ferrial Adam from Greenpeace) #COP17

Greenpeace says renewable energy can work


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