Metrorail temporarily closes entire regional service after fire at Cape Town station

Many workers in the Western Cape were left stranded toward the beginning of today after a fire at Cape Town station in the early hours.

The City's Fire and Rescue Service were called to react to the burst at 2.20am. It was stifled at 4.53am. 

Cape Town station has been shut incidentally and the whole provincial train administration is suspended until further notice. 

"Two trains were at first ablaze, however it before long spread to neighboring platforms. Altogether, 18 carriages were decimated by fire and platforms 9 to 16 are shut," said Western Cape Metrorail representative Riana Scott. 

"The whole Cape Town station is shut briefly and the whole local train administration is suspended until further notice. 

Workers are encouraged to discover elective vehicle and we will refresh suburbanites throughout the day as situations develop." 

As per IOL The City of Cape Town stated: "At 02:20 toward the beginning of today, the City's Fire and Rescue Service reacted to prepare carriages land at Cape Town railroad station."The first showing up teams from Roeland Street fire (station) affirmed train carriages land on platforms 9 and 10. "Upon further examination it was found (there were) fires on platforms 12, 13 and 15 also and more assets were mentioned to contain the blaze."A number motor coaches , of engine coaches and passenger mentors were decimated and the fire was smothered at 04:53."No wounds were accounted for and the scene was given over to the Passenger Rail Association of South Africa."The reason for the fire is as yet obscure.


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