Tafelberg land case remains on in Western Cape High Court

The case including the questionable clearance of the Tafelberg site in Sea Point began in the Western Cape High Court on Monday. Supporter Peter Hathorn exhibited the case for the benefit of Reclaim the City and a few social lodging activists. Hathorn marked as "outlandish" the choice by the administration to sell the property and the disappointment of their commitment to address politically-sanctioned racial segregation spatial arranging in Cape Town. "In the course of recent decades, government has neglected to genuinely incorporate dark and minorities individuals working near the downtown area," Hathorn said. He said the common government had 25 years to do this, yet had done nothing up until this point. "One needs to take a gander at this as a 25-year time of inaction. There has been a commitment since 1994 to review spatial shamefulness," he said. The Tafelberg school site is exceptionally challenged. In 2017, the common division of open works said it proposed to offer the property to the Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School for R135 million. Recover the City and Ndifuna Ukwazi carried a survey application toward the Western Cape High Court. The Department of Human Settlements, with Ndifuna Ukwazi, launched the court action to have the sale reviewed. The application has been set down to be heard this week. Judge Patrick Gamble and Judge Monde Samela are presiding. Hathorn told the court that, by its own admission, the City had failed to reverse apartheid spatial planning.


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