Nine year old in critical condition after accident on the R300

Imogen Vollenhgoven
16Februray 2013

A nine year old little girl has been severely injured after a single vehicle accident took place on the N2 near the intersection with the R300 direction Kuilsriver.

ER24’s spokesperson Vanessa Jacksonsaid, the BMW sedan had been six adults and the nine year old who according to bystanders had been sitting on one of the adults laps when the vehicle rolled. The little girl had been critically injured after firstly being crushed between one of the adults and the interior of the vehicle and then being ejected out of one of the windows.

Jackson said paramedics arrived and immediately started to stabilise the little girl who needed Advanced Life Support treatment, and while she was being placed onto life saving equipment the AER24 medical helicopter was called on to assist with rapid transportation.

Jackson adds that the little girl was airlifted to the Red Cross Children's Hospital where she will undergo further emergency care of the head and chest injuries that she had sustained.

Jackson furthermore said two of the adults who were also in the car sustained moderate injuries while the remaining four had sustained minor injuries.

All six of the patients were then taken to nearby hospitals by ambulance for treatment, the cause of this accident will be investigated by local police, said Jackson.


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