Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Right2Know concerned about increase police brutality

Lusanda Bill
21 January 2014

The Right to Know Campaign has called the recent protest and killings in Mothotlung a symptom of the growing attacks to the right to protest in South Africa, fuelled by the militarization of the police and criminalization of protest. 

Four people have died in protest over water shortage in the area.  Right2Know’s Murray Hunter said it is urgent, to address why our police force is so violent in the first place. 

Hunter said this is probably the biggest attack on freedom of expression in South Africa today.  It’s about citizens trying to take to the streets to express their democratic rights and being shut down by the municipality, police and by local politicking.

“I think South Africans need to stand in solidarity with protestors who are being attacked by police” Hunter added.   



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