Cape mom claims that 4 hospital neglected her autistic son

Eerste River mom Jade Bougaardt remain trust less on Western Cape government hospitals. This happened after approaching numerous hospitals in the Western Cape seeking help for her autistic son Jarred Bougaardt and has become frustrated with the services. 

According to Cape Argus report, Jarred is currently suffering from Septo-optic known as syndrome featuring underdevelopment of the optic nerve, pituitary gland dysfunction, and absence of the septum pellucidum. She also claims that the boy is unable to verbally express his pain, and that is why she expected doctors to attend the matter. 

However, she was let down after being turned away from Tygerberg hospital, Red Cross hospital, False Bay hospital and Groote Schuur hospital. With no choice she had to go to the emergency unit and been accompany with six adults because of her son’s situation was not on good condition at that time. 

Deputy Director of communications, Mark van der Heever on behalf of Western Cape government health claimed that the matter was not seen to be in a real life-threatening condition in comparison to the other patients in the emergency unit. Grandmother to Jarred added that they are striving financially to meet necessities of her grandson’s medical condition.

Edited by: Mandlenkosi Mde


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