Security shot outside Vangate mall

The guard has been shot but not died, the incident happened yesterday in parking area at Vangate mall, Two men been arrested for alleged shot and wounded the guard, drama started when the security guard tried to stop thugs robbing a customer on Friday afternoon. Paramedics were called and victim was stabilized to nearest hospital for medical treatment, neighbourhood watch team assisted cops to arrest the suspects case has been opened and the two suspects are expected to appear in Athlone court. According to reports, the victim tried to inhibit an unknown man who was trying to mug another person in the parking area when he was shot.

Centre management of Vangate mall claims that the incident escalated from Gatesville mall onto Vangate mall. Securities has been advised to watch out around mall premises and continue to retain safety within that centre. Centre management also addressed that Vangate mall is operating smoothly and they are dealing with the issue.

By Mandlenkosi


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