Lady fell asleep and woke up with a cigarette burning her gown

Families left out in the cold and homeless in incident happened at Hanover Park where fire destroyed at least three homes, allegedly caused by a burning cigarette, residents says they were shocked to see towering flames from a downstairs Wendy house. Resident claims that they were in their home and heard a lady screaming for help at a Wendy house where the fire started, immediately evacuated, and fire the fire was already spreading. With shock they run safety and waited for firefighters to arrive. Some of these fire victims lost everything they had and their flat is badly damaged and no injuries reported.

According to daily voice, Disaster Risk Management spokesperson, Charlotte Powell, says one informal dwelling and three formal dwellings were damaged by the fire and as assessment of the damage will be conducted. The residents also implore donations to help rebuild their lives.

If you would like to help call 084 321 6567 or 072 0255 953.

Edited by: Mandlenkosi Mde


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