Wednesday, March 16, 2022

CoCT preparing for rodent infestation

The City of Cape Town’s Environmental Health Service says it has seen an increase in rodent baiting points across the metropole, adding that practitioners will ramp up their efforts during autumn, which generally sees an increase in rodent activity ahead of winter.

Rodents are likely to be found in areas with dense human settlements, a steady food supply in the form of food waste, good places for harbourage such as storm water drainage systems and an absence of predators.

‘’An effective rodent control programme is a necessary public health measure, aimed at protecting the public from contracting diseases associated with rodents, such as Leptospirosis and the plague, which rodents and their parasites are carriers of,’’ said mayco member for community services and health, Patricia van der Ross.

‘’In terms of the Government Rodent Regulations and other Health Legislation, it is the responsibility of every property owner or business operator to keep their premises in a clean and hygienic state, and rodent free,’’ she added.

For the period July 2021 to February 2022, City Health received 1 605 complaints relating to the activity of rats and during the same period  completed just over 41 000 services at baiting points across the metropole.

Van der Ross said the number of baiting points increase during April and May, to correspond with increased rodent activity in the run-up to winter as they move indoors to seek shelter.

‘’’Most complaints have been received from informal settlement areas, where structures are not rodent proofed and areas such as ports, transport interchanges and business districts where a large number of food premises are located.’’

The mayco member urged residents to avoid using toxic products to deter rodents entering homes.

‘’Rodents are a phenomenon in most urban areas around the world and the management of these, and other vectors is a priority for the City’s Environmental Health Practitioners – particularly in areas where residents might not have the means to pay for private pest control services. I want to encourage residents to please avoid making use of toxic, and often illegal substances to manage pests in their homes.’’

 Van Der ross shared tips on how to deter rodents:

·        Store food in secure containers

·        Clean food preparation areas immediately after use

·         Make sure rubbish bins are securely closed

·        Do not dump waste illegally

·        Do not leave uneaten pet food out

·        Seal cracks or holes in walls, floors and under doors


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