Khayelitsha District Hospital excluded in the Health Department Budget

The Western Cape Health Department has been criticized for failing to make provision for an additional R150 million in its 2022/23 budget which was tabled on Tuesday for the Khayelitsha District Hospital.

The ANC in the legislature expressed disappointment at what it said was the department’s “blatant refusal” to make the additional funds available to the hospital despite an emphatic plea from the chief executive, hospital management and the board.

An ANC-led oversight visit to the hospital in January identified structural challenges affecting the quality of care, including a chronic shortage of staff and beds which resulted in patients sleeping on the floor.

During his presentation to the standing committee on health last month, the hospital’s CEO, David Binza, said about R157m was required to address staff shortages.

Binza added that 369 posts were needed, which included clinical support staff and allied health services posts.

 Done by Lizeka Tsotetsi



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