A call on government to help Eritreans and Country Fair Staff

18 February 2013  
Loyiso Langeni

Eritrean citizens today marched in front of Parliament, asking the South African government to help stop human trafficking in Eritrea. 

One of the organisers of the march Baragath Gobru said that Eritrean people are afraid when their loved ones cross boarders, as people have been captured for ransom money.

Gobru said that when kidnappers do not get the money, painful things happen to people that they have captured.

 Elections have not been held since Eritrea gained independence in 1993, the constitution has never been implemented, and political parties are not allowed.

Meanwhile, Country Fair staff members joined the Eritrean march to protest about the chicken import from Brazil.

The avian traders were protesting against South Africa purchasing chickens bred overseas, while there are readily available South African grown chickens. 

One of the protesters Tessa said that, joining the Eritrean march will make the staff workers to address their issue to the Parliament.


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