Minister Xingwana under scrutiny for lavish spending

Imogen Vollenhoven
18 February 2013

The United Democratic Women’s Organisation has said it has received a report that Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Ms Lulu Xingwana, has allegedly splurged R2.1 million of state funds decorating her head office.

UDEMWO’s Secretary General Thandi Nontenja said where there is smoke there might be fire.

Nontenja added that if it is true that Minister Xingwana had her department’s offices decorated using millions of taxpayers’ Rands, or even let it happen on her watch, it shows where her priorities lie.

Nontenja adds that there are NGO’s that are assisting women, children and people with disabilities, who are not getting funding from this ministry and it is puzzling what is the role of this ministry.

Nontenja said as UDEMWO they are also concerned about the quietness of the Minister on the surge that has overcome South Africa.

Nontenja said the fact that women are being raped and killed, old women are being raped by youth and her voice is no where, Nontenja adds that this shows where her priorities lie, it lies with the redecorating of her office and not what she is doing in the mandate that she has been given.


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