Friday, February 01, 2013

MEC Albert Fritz thanks the public for alert on elderly abuse

Imogen Vollenhoven
01 February 2013

Western Cape Social Development MEC Albert Fritz said on Thursday that neighbours’ claims that a Parkwood pensioner is being kept in her council flat against her will are false. 

MEC Fritz visited 80year-old Maureen Johnson’s Gerda Court flat on Thursday, where he found a well looked-after woman in a neatly kept room with no padlocks on the room door.

Fritz’s visit came after neighbours, who initially said Johnson was being kept locked up by a couple.

MEC Frits said firstly he would like to say thank you to all the people who alerted the department to the plight and Frits adds that they want to thank anyone who generally alerts the department about any other elderly person’s abuse.

Frits said that the investigation results turned out and again informed the department that nothing was untoward in that case, the people collecting the pension are the legal proxy’s as Mrs Johnson is too old and frail.

Frits said that the department has now brought in some home care based nurses in order to assist the couple, who are taking care of Mrs Johnson.



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