Thursday, October 31, 2013

Looting at Cape Town CBD condemned

Lusanda Bill
31 October 2013

Violent protest action which took place on Wednesday has been condemned by many including the African National Congress.

About a thousand protestors from townships in Cape Town looted stalls and broke shop windows in protest for better service delivery. 

ANC says there is no justification for the criminal activity that occurred on Wednesday. 

ANC Councilor Xolani Sotashe said all leaders need to stand together in condemning this unruly behavior which is outside the norm of how South Africans must conduct themselves when protesting, which is guaranteed by our Constitution.

“We believe that however is responsible for this action must face the full might of the law” Sotashe added.

Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance has labeled the protest march as nothing more than grandstanding. 

DA Leader in the Western Cape Ivan Meyer said in light of the recent Constitutional Court ruling organizers of a march or gathering can be held liable for damage incurred by marchers. 

Meyer said the organizers of Wednesday’s protest march must be held responsible for the damage caused by looters. 

Ivan Meyer added that what happened was that many informal traders and small business entrepreneurs were targeted by the protestors, and their stalls were looted also small businesses lost thousands of Rands in stolen goods and lost of income. 

The DA has called on the police to make the necessary arrests regarding this matter.  



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