Monday, August 31, 2015

COPE welcomes the Medupi Unit 6

Rentse Khiba
31 August 2015

The Congress of the People heartily welcomes the coming on line of Unit 6 at Medupi Power Station.

Cope says it is very much grateful for small mercies and hopefully for the possible end of load shedding.

Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem says, for South Africa to succeed in providing adequate electricity, government and Eskom must attract very capable and highly qualified people.

He said cadre deployment must come to a sudden and immediate end.

Bloem added that COPE hopes that this load-shedding that the country is facing will come to an end.

“We really want it to come to an end because it is crippling the economy of the country.”

Bloem mentioned that they expect the President and his government not to come with empty promises.

"We want the government to look at other means of generating electricity and energy," Bloem added.

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