Reactions pour in following cancellation of Dalai Lama’s trip to South Africa

By Lelethu Mquqo
4 October 2011

Government’s failure to issue the Dalai Lama with a travel visa sends out a dangerous message.

This is according to political analyst Steven Friedman following an earlier announcement that the Tibetan Spiritual leader has cancelled his planned visit to South Africa.

He had been invited to attend Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday celebrations later this week.

Friedman says government has overreacted to what is required in dealing with a trading partner like China.

Meanwhile, opposition parties are outraged at government’s failure to issue the Dalai Lama with a visa.

The Freedom Front Plus says the move was malicious and indicative of what it called the incompetence of government departments.

The Inkatha Freedom Party says South Africa was allowing its economic and political sovereignty to be sacrificed at the altar of unfair trade agreements with China.


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