Monday, June 07, 2021

Body of teen found in neighbors shack

18-year-old Sinovuyo Magetya was last seen on Sunday, May 30 at a tarven with friends.This was 4 days before her body was found.  Khayelitsha resident Wele Dyongo last saw his niece when he left to attend a burial society meeting.

According to a family’s spokesperson, they received a call from detectives informing him that they had found a body in a nearby shack. Dyongo said police found her wig with bloodstains under the suspect’s bed. He added that evidence show the victim was allegedly strangled, they also found numerous photos of different woman they believe he was preying on.

According to Dyongo the man arrested was part of the search party as well as trusted neighbor who even helped with looking after their children. He added that the family was struggling financially and would need assistance burying their daughter.

Image: 123RF/Paul Fleet

By Everngelista Muza


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