Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Netball World Cup 2023 to be hosted in Cape Town

The Netball World Cup (NWC) 2023 is what everybody's eyes are fixed upon. The greatest thing is that South Africa, Cape Town is hosting it. The World Cup 2023 logo was unveiled on Tuesday in a press conference hosted by the 2023 World Cup Board in Cape Town. The Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture, Minister Nathi Mthethwa announced the NWC 2023 Board in April 2021, and the Board has vowed and committed themselves to put together a world-class event that is befitting of a South African standard and flair. The board is made up of an independent Chairperson, two representatives from Netball South Africa, the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, who have one representative each.

The Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Mr. Dan Plato, welcomed the event that will be taking place in the Mother City for the first time. Plato said this event gives us an opportunity to raise the status of netball as a national sport and it also gives underprivileged children an opportunity to showcase their talent.

"This event will be the first Netball World Cup event, for South Africa for Cape Town. And I am very proud to say Cape Town will make sure that people are best prepared to make of this event a wonderful success likewise what we have done with more than one Rugby World Cup event as well because this is a major international event it is an opportunity not only for the City but the whole of South Africa and Africa to state its claim as a sporting continent.

''This event provides us with an opportunity to raise the status of Netball as a national sport while also developing the game to provide more benefits for young Netball players, officials, and administrators. This again must create an inclusive legacy where youngsters from underprivileged communities are provided with the necessary resources, netball courts and set them on the same level as those who are more fortunate. Coaches from disadvantaged communities will be empowered as a result of this world cu,'' added Plato. 

In 2023 the Netball World Cup will be celebrating its 60th anniversary, the World Cup 2023 Board Chairperson Ms. Patience Shikwambana explained what this number means to the country and the Netball fraternity. 

"In 2023 World Netball will be celebrating its 60th anniversary, now I had to consider what does number 60 mean and these are the four points to say this number means: they say the number 60 means harmony, balance, idealism, and harmonious family relationships. In 2023 it should be our eve before we celebrate our 30 years of democracy. And the number 30 to us as South Africans symbolizes to becoming matured that we are starting to be ready mentally and physically. Whilst 30 is a sign to us as South Africans to dedicate and commit ourselves to us declaring a world-class Netball World Cup, it also says let's be matured enough to unite as a country to put our girl child and woman first so that the World Cup plays an impact in their lives. Truly it's a new dawn to us today as a country and the continent will be hosting the first World Cup (Netball). May we - in our efforts- as a country together with all key stakeholders as we prepare to host the world-class netball, we ensure to embrace what the number 60 and number 30 symbolizes. We are saying to you today, let harmony prevail as we ensure to promote fair play, friendship, peace, non-violence, tolerance, and ubuntu amongst each other." said Chairperson Shikwambana. 

The President of Netball South Africa Ms. Cecilia Molokwane said the eye-catching logo will disclose the feel and look of the 2023 Netball World Cup. The President of Netball World Cup Liz Nicholl said "The Netball World Cup as netballs flagship event brings together 16 of the worlds top teams and has been held every four years since 1963 and Cape Town 2023 will not only provide an exceptional platform for a neat competition but be a catalyst for the birth of netball in the continent. We look forward to be with you in Cape Town for this very special event which in 2 years' time will showcase the very best of our sport to the world. Thank you Cape Town and thank you, South Africa." 

The Spar Proteas captain Bongi Msomi describes this as a great feeling to be hosting the tournament and she believes that Netball is a life-changing sport to everyone taking part in it. "I think it's quite exciting, I stand here as one of the people who had a life that's been changed by netball and I know it's not just myself only but it's globally as well. Netball is a movement itself, it changes lives, it gives opportunities, it creates legacy and we've seen that from when we started playing this sport. And now to think about the whole world coming to South Africa I think it's just massive not only for South Africans only but also for African netball and also for the world itself, this is history being created and to be part of that it's just fantastic and I speak for the girls and boys that are still thinking of this sport and have something to look up to". 

Msomi says they will do their best to come out of this tournament with great results. "We will do well considering the fact that if we get support and if get everything planned in advance and I think one can be excited about what's coming through because of that. But obviously, we played well in 2019 we came 4th of which even there I think we could've done way better considering the fact that we lost by 2 goals against Australia in the semi-final and that's a huge improvement from our side. Now that we know we capable of that I guess one can look forward into a medal, why not bring a trophy home if possible so it's all just an exciting journey that's going to take a whole lot of hard work." 

Netball World Cup 2023. To grow. To play. To inspire.  

BY: Chwayita Hlangwana 


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