Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Increase in theft of beehives

There’s been an increase in the theft of beehives in South Africa.

An average hive will cost you between R1 500 to R3 000 each.

The SA Bee Industry Organisation (Sabio) has called for action to be taken to stop the thievery.

According to Sabio chairperson Adriaan Du Toit, the latest incident will rank as one of the most stinging factors facing the SA beekeeper, including honey fraud, beehive sabotage through demolition.

“Though theft and vandalism are always on the mind of any beekeeper, we were all shocked by images of the actual damage and trauma which went viral on local and international social media, caused most likely by organised crime and deliberate action,” Du Toit said.

On the issue of theft and vandalism, Du Toit said the board has decided to tackle this by involving its association, organised agriculture structures and the stock theft units of both the Department of Agriculture, land reform and rural development and the South African Police Services. It has given itself two weeks to come up with solutions.

The Beekeeper Cape Town said more than 40 missing hives had been stolen of a secure property on Thursday.

Incidents of beehive theft have been reported in Cape Town, Pierre and Wellington.


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