Thursday, February 07, 2013

City to implement new planning by-laws by April

Imogen Vollenhoven
7 February 2013

The City of Cape Town is expected to adopt a new planning by-law in the next few months. 

This follows more than 270 property owners being fined for contravening the city’s land use and building regulations. 

The city’s new planning by-law is expcted to be completed by April this year. 

Mayoral Committee Member for Economic, Environmental and Spatial Planning Gareth Bloor explains that some of the issues the by-law addresses are that the news planning by- law is designed to ensure consistency with national, provincial legislation and really to enhance the procedures for processing applications, where the clear developmental approach to the City, to enabling development at all levels, right through from grass to bigger developments.

Bloor adds that the City needs to ensure that the have a strong criteria for decision making, so that the City can give approvals to development in line with the new intergraded development approach that over turns the previous spatial patterns of the City.



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