Thursday, February 07, 2013

MEC Albert Fritz: de-listing NGO's will lead to disaster

Imogen vollenhoven
7February 2013

on Wednesday said delisting Non-Profit organisation would be a disaster.

Fritz said delisting NGO’s would put service delivery in crisis.

It has been reported that about 60 000 NGO’s have been deregistered across the country. 

Ministerial Spokesperson Melany Kuhn says Minister Frits is most concerned about the implications this will have on the industry.

Kuhn adds that in this province we need our NGO partners and Khun adds that Minister Frits said the department will be doing everything in their power to ensure that they continue making the lives of the citizens better together.

Kuhn furthermore said that NGO’s who are affected by this are encouraged to contact their local social development office and also to check their registration online if they are unsure.



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