Sunday, June 30, 2013

ACDP happy about foreign investments in the WC

Imogen Vollenhoven
30June 2013

The ACDP in the WC congratulates the WC government and the private sector for a trend of foreign investment boosts in the Province.

ACDP leader Ferlon Christians said that at the same time he wants to draw attention to the latest toilet saga and violent service delivery protests and said that these can have potentially damaging affects on the City’s reputation.

Christians said that as the ACDP they are very glad and they have noted that the current business and investments are picking up in the Western Cape.

“We encourage government to give incentives to the private sector, when job creations and those things cone to the fore that there are incentives for those business that attracts investments,” added Christians.

He also said that government should create an atmosphere where people can invest.



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